Gwaun Valley BreweryGwaun Valley Brewery

Brewery and Visitor Attraction in Pembrokeshire

The BreweryThe Gwaun Valley Brewery was set up in the summer of 2009 in an old granary, which has an idyllic setting in the farmyard at Kilkiffeth, overlooking the Preseli Hills. The farm has natural spring water and this is used to make the beer, giving it its unique flavour.

The building is divided into two halves, with the brewing equipment on one side and a large tasting/drinking/function area on the other, so people are able to see exactly how the beer is made.

Malted barley is steeped in boiling water and hops are then added to the resultant liquor. This is then boiled (the time the hops are left in and the type and amount of hops governs the bitterness and the aroma of the finished beer) The wort is then transferred into one of the large fermenting bins where the yeast is added. It takes a week to ten days before the beer is ready to barrel and bottle, and a few more weeks before it is ready to drink.

PigsThe Pigs

When the brewer has finished with the malted barley there is brewer’s grain to be disposed of. This makes ideal food for feeding to pigs so we usually keep some weaners, which visitors can see.




Open 7 days a week 10 am until 6 pm and also evenings on request

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